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Have you got a question?

Contact immediately the company: qualified and available staff is ready to answer your questions about machining works and pressed in steel and in aluminum. Trust the experience and professionalism of a company that has made of cutting-edge tools, trained staff and developing innovative solutions their strengths.


In how many days usually delivered metal parts ordered?

The delivery of the particular ordered obviously depends on the required processing and the availability of the raw material. In principle, the company delivery details sheared, bent / stampings, perforated in 20 working days. You need a few more days if you require surface treatments.

You can manage other processes in addition to those molding in order to make a complete service to the customer?

The company uses different suppliers to meet all the needs of its customers. Are handled routinely painting, galvanizing, phosphating, cnc machining, laser cutting plane / tube / 3D, broaching, turning a plate and tube bending.

Your company can work with orders in the long term?

CCertainly, Osim Srl manages through contracts open orders that optimize the economy of the particular.
The large warehouse allows to store the product and divide it into several deliveries according to the needs of the customer. (Kanban – I-fast).

Which is the minimum number of details that you can work and with which thickness?

The company manages batches of thousands of pieces with dedicated equipment (molds), produces prototypes samples of individual pieces with temporary facility. Regarding to thicknesses managed by Osim vary according to processing: For the blanking from the mold thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 15mm. For embossing from 0.5 to 6mm and for bending up to 30mm.

How can you guarantee the delivery of special comply?

The particular products undergo acceptance control regarding to raw materials, on the machine about the processing and resolution in the final part of the testing. It is also manages regular quality control outgoing.

How are checked welded parts?

The Osim testing carried out internally checks on welds through realization of metallographic specimens. Microscopes and hardness testers are used to determine compliance. The specimen is stored or delivered to the customer on request.

Are monitored the performance of waste and delivery times?

Quarterly we perform report analyze wastes and trend deliveries from the perspective of customer satisfaction. Deliveries of OSIM are made with their own vehicles and with international carriers to delivery worldwide.

How long provided response to customer’s offer requests?

The sales office is committed to providing respond to offer requests in maximum 3 working days.

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